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What to Expect at NICE’s Interactions Live 2022 Event

May 19, 2022

Via: No Jitter

NICE Interactions 2022 is set to take place from May 24-25, and by the contact center providers’ estimates — it’s going to be the biggest one yet. Last year, NICE reported over 20,000 attendees at Interactions 21, and it has steadily increased over the years. And for this year’s event, NICE expects to host over 25,000 attendees during its two-day virtual event.

So, what’s the draw? NICE is a CCaaS leader, and the sector has been attracting a lot of attention. We have seen several new providers enter the space, and there’s tremendous interest from organizations in anchoring their digital transformation strategies around the customer experience. Many people are also interested in what NICE communicates as its priorities.

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