image credit: Pexels

Love Connection: The Switch works with ITV America to create innovative delivery workflow for Love Island

November 23, 2021

The Switch, a leading provider of production services and global delivery of live video, joined forces with ITV America to create a unique workflow to support 24/7 live production of the reality show Love Island. The Switch installed a dedicated network between the main “Villa”, a second villa at “Casa Amor” and the master control room set up at the Naniloa Hotel in Downtown Hilo, Hawaii. From Hawaii, The Switch provided fiber connectivity to The Burbank Switch which housed all of the post production servers for Love Island and the main Post Production Offices at ITV’s Lankershim facility. Produced by ITV America’s ITV Entertainment, the reality show’s remote locations in Hawaii presented connectivity challenges for the production team and they turned to The Switch for assistance.

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