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Cloud is no Broadcast Cure All: Telestream Favors Hybrid Approach to Workflow Deployment

May 24, 2018

Nevada City, California, May 24, 2018 – In broadcasting, cloud-based workflows have been in vogue for a number of years, and many technology companies are focusing so strongly on cloud deployments that it almost seems that the answer is cloud, but no one is sure of the question! The $64 million question for the broadcast industry is: how cloud should figure in to the future?

According to Telestream’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Osika, very often the answer is not found in pure cloud. Whilst he sees cloud as an empowering technology for organizations of all sizes and in many different industry sectors, there is an absolute need for it to be employed strategically and judiciously based on real business need.

Broadcast under siege

Today, broadcasters are under siege from agile competitors such as online video providers, who are much more cloud-centric.

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