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5G ecosystems: Why application programming is important

May 23, 2018

The API (application programming interface) is where we need to concentrate to get customers hooked on 5G.

Cisco’s CTO of Mobility Business thinks the API (application programming interface) may be more important for the success of 5G than anything else.

“If 5G is going to be successful, are we really thinking about it being the right ecosystem at all?” asked Dr. Sam Samuels, CTO for Cisco’s Mobility Business Group during his presentation at 5G North America’s New Horizons event last week in Austin, Tex. Samuels was part of a panel on 5G ecosystems.

Samuels posited that the industry’s traditional mark of success in 5G — customer experience and verticals — is not the right measurement. Giving customers ultra-low latency and large bandwidth is not what will make 5G catch on, he said.

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