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Video in the Post-Pandemic World

July 1, 2022

Via: No Jitter

As enterprises struggle through the transition to hybrid work — whatever that winds up meaning — one area to watch will be the role that video communications play in helping us get to whatever the next “normal” becomes. When remote […]


Why We Need a Post-Pandemic Connectivity Boost

January 14, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that connectivity is essential for citizens, businesses, and institutions across the world. These two last years meant rebuilding in a digital environment, as the world became accustomed to a health crisis. The pandemic brought to […]

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Programmable Communications: It’s All About the APIs

September 14, 2021

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Going digital today is not a consideration or a choice for businesses. It’s a critical transformation that any organization needs to execute if it is looking to thrive. In Gartner’s annual global survey of CIOs, 76% of respondents said that […]

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Resetting Your Communications Expense Budget Post-Pandemic

September 8, 2021

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In March 2020, COVID-19 arrived so quickly that organizations went into a reactive mode to continue operating. While people worked from home, the ability to keep things running smoothly was of greater concern than the associated incremental costs. Since many […]

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Creating Seamless, Personalized Digital Experiences

July 15, 2021

Via: No Jitter

In this week’s No Jitter post, contact center guru Sheila McGee-Smith recounts two Amazon Connect customer stories from a recent conference put on by AWS. Each is a case study in how innovative technology was poised to transform the enterprise […]

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Dial M for… Empathy

July 9, 2021

Via: No Jitter

“Empathy” is the buzzword of the moment in the world of contact centers. Ironically, it owes its current popularity to the growth and success of AI in the contact center. The idea is that AI can improve contact center capabilities […]


Cisco Rebrands Webex, Aligns It With Company Mission

June 8, 2021

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Today, Cisco held a hybrid work customer event to launch the new Webex. Webex has been the foundation for Cisco’s collaboration business since its acquisition in 2007. Since then, Webex has gone through several iterations but has never had a […]

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Preparing for the Coming Platform Battles

May 7, 2021

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I love movie scenes where opposing sides draw up on the field of battle, then on some cue, just go at each other. I’m not a huge fan of violence, but the sense of mayhem can be sort of bracing. […]

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Will Return to Office Bring WAN Changes?

April 30, 2021

Via: No Jitter

In a recent No Jitter post, Irwin Lazar of IT research firm Metrigy, raises an issue that didn’t get a lot of attention during the pandemic period, but likely will become more pressing as end users return to offices, in […]