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Agents and Bots: Each Helping Improve the Other?

November 17, 2023

Via: No Jitter

So much of the conversation around Generative AI in the contact center pits agents against bots and other AI-driven features. But what if a bot turned out to be an agent’s best friend, and vice versa?

That was one of the provocative points that came out of a discussion I had this week with Dimitris Vassos, CEO and founder of Omilia, a conversational AI provider with 20-plus years in the speech technology/natural language business. Our conversation turned, as all must, to Generative AI (GenAI), and while Vassos has a roadmap for expanding the use of GenAI in Omilia’s speech bots and chatbots, he suggested that part of the refinements of the next generation of bots may come from agents—that making bots better could become a vital part of many agents’ work.

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