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14 Hosted PBX Vertical Industries Perfect for MNOs

May 30, 2018

Via: No Jitter

It’s impossible to argue that mobile network operators — MNOs and MVNOs — shouldn’t all be selling hosted PBX services. They collectively need more revenue from their customers, and hosted PBX easily delivers. But which verticals are in need for what services, and what unique contributions do mobile operators bring to the table?

The Eastern Management Group is engaged in a multi-year study of the global hosted PBX market. We recently published research in a new report, “Worldwide Hosted PBX Market 2017-2022.” With market data from more than 9,900 companies surveyed across 22 industries, we present some of our mobile operator market analysis in this post.

Worldwide, there are 1,000 mobile operators, and many more mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs. Hosted PBX economics are compelling for every wireless carrier to sell UCaaS, if only with a couple of features.

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