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What timeline and features are expected for 5G-Advanced?

October 31, 2023

5G-Advanced (5G-A) is expected to be commercially launched around 2026, Hiroyo Masuda, senior architect of 6G infrastructure, strategic planning division of advanced technology development unit at Fujitsu, told RCR Wireless News.

“Normally, market introduction of any feature will first be possible with user equipment (UE) that is compatible with the functions of all releases and takes six months to a year after specifications are completed, but it may take longer to deploy features for new use cases of 5G-Advanced,” the executive said.

“Although the ASN.1 freeze of Release.18, which is the first version of 5G-Advanced, is planned for March 2024, it will take another three to six months for the specifications to become stable. Taking this into account, we assume that 5G-Advanced will be introduced to the market around 2026,” Masuda said.

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