image credit: Unsplash

DoPchoice Snapbags®, Snapgrids® & Snapbox® Snoot Ready for ARRI SkyPanel X System

September 21, 2023

Just as ARRI’s SkyPanel X releases, DoPchoice is ready with their popular range of light control accessories. By incorporating the RABBIT EARS® mounting system, SkyPanel X users have a choice of 6 compatible SNAPBAGS–®Rectangular, Lantern, or Octagonal, in various sizes. Additionally, SNAPGRIDS® quickly install either on the fixture front with the multifunctional SNAPBOX® SNOOT, or directly around the SkyPanel X’s Hyper Optics or Dome.

The dedicated SNAPBAG® for the SkyPanel X21 attaches to the front of the fixture hardware-free, to produce broad and pleasing soft light. Different effects are created by using it with or without ARRI’s Dome. Even more looks can be achieved by applying the supplied Half Grid Cloth and Magic Cloth® diffusion.

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