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Achieving Balance in a Hybrid World, RingCentral Shares Perspective

October 13, 2021

Via: No Jitter

At Enterprise Connect last month, Anand Eswaran, president and COO of RingCentral, highlighted five defining factors that RingCentral sees as crucial for the future of work. And at its virtual user and partner event, RingCentral Connect, Eswaran carried this message forward with his opening session, sharing more details on this vision.

As enterprises look to the future, they will be influenced by the last 18 months of changes and are embracing digital transformation like never before, Eswaran said. While some enterprises committed to digital transformation well before the pandemic, others had to develop a digital transformation strategy on the fly, Eswaran noted. “The response to the challenge wasn’t about technology nor was it about digital transformation,” Eswaran said. “It was about keeping the lights on.”

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