image credit: macrovector / Freepik

Evertz Leads Industry with Revolutionary Solutions in Satellite Ground Infrastructure Digitization

March 21, 2024

Evertz, a global leader in media and broadcast solutions, is proud to announce its groundbreaking advancements in revolutionizing satellite ground infrastructure that are poised to redefine workflows and enhance efficiency for broadcast and media professionals worldwide.

As a member of the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI) that aims to advance interoperability in satellite and ground systems networks, Evertz is working with DIFI partners to enable the digital transformation of space, satellite and related industries through a simple, interoperable Digital IF/RF standard. By advancing the scope, use, testing and certification of this standard, DIFI aims to accelerate industry transformation from L-Band IF to Digital IF and develop the network transport of digitized IF signals.

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