image credit: Unsplash

Altman Solon Survey: Sports leaders expect new technologies and changing consumer habits to drive innovations in content production

February 27, 2024

Almost four out of five sports executives (79%) believe automated content creation will impact their business significantly, 61% believe remote production technology will be just as game-changing, according to the latest installment of Altman Solon’s 2023 Global Sports Survey. The survey of over 150 global sports executives and 2,500 consumers across eight countries spotlights how enabling technologies empower the value chain to generate greater fan engagement and unlock untapped revenue streams.

New technologies, including AI capabilities, virtual production tooling, and cloud-based workflows, are transforming content production and distribution in the sports media industry. In addition to the impact of content automation and remote technology, 74% cite impactful changes from content localisation, like Virtual Board Replacement (VBR).

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