image credit: Pixabay

Actility and Kerlink bundle radio and core into single private LoRaWAN IoT system

French LoRaWAN stalwarts Actility and Kerlink are integrating their LoRaWAN network hardware and connectivity software into a simplified private LoRaWAN network solution to enable “easy” deployment and scalability of industrial IoT projects, the pair have said. The combined solution includes network server (LNS), payload decoders, and application connectors in a single device. Actility said it is targeting “small private-network markets”.

They called it a “new paradigm for IoT connectivity” – on account of its “easy” ‘plug-and-play’ setup, and also versatility and scalability. Specifically, Actility is integrating Kerlink’s Wirnet-branded small cell and gateway products (offering a “plug-and-play edge solution lifetime-guaranteed gateways”) with its ThingPark All-in-One (TAO) private LoRaWAN network management platform. The private network bundle includes edge computing for IoT workloads.

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