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Future Technologies Venture Opens Innovation Center with Cambium Networks as a Founding Member

August 18, 2021

Via: PR Newswire

Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced it is a founding member of the Future Technologies Venture LLC Innovation Center in Atlanta. As a founding member, Cambium Networks helped define the mission for […]

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Teradek Launches the Bolt 4K Monitor Module Family: SmallHD-Integrated Wireless Video with Built-In Camera Control

July 1, 2021

Via: Broadcast Beat

Teradek launches the Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX, a new member of the Bolt 4K Monitor Module family. This new SmallHD-integrated Bolt 4K system also unlocks an exciting new feature – built-in wireless camera control. Now users can take control […]

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Cutting Copper? You Better Have a Plan

June 23, 2021

Via: No Jitter

As many telco carriers are decommissioning their copper cable infrastructure, end users are forced to seek alternative solutions for these services. Network managers who have a solid transition plan can find services to fit their business needs. For a bit of […]

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Kagan: 6G wireless data speeds of 10 Gbps spark interest

June 14, 2021

Via: RCR Wireless News

We are all talking about how 5G is changing everything, but 6G is coming on quickly and that is even more disruptive. With their third prototype, Optipulse says they have discovered a new light source which sends invisible and eye-safe […]

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Fixed Wireless Access: The future of mobile is in your living room

June 4, 2021

Via: RCR Wireless News

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed inequality in our society — and how lack of Internet connectivity can exacerbate that divide. Across the country, as students were sent home to learn remotely and workers were asked to work from home, those […]

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Broadband Options: Fiber, Satellite, and Wi-Fi, Oh My!

June 3, 2021

Via: No Jitter

Articles on the relatively low rank (between 15th and 24th depending on the report) for the percentage of U.S. homes served with broadband aren’t surprising given the free-market approach. It’s not an indictment of capitalism – just an explanation. Traditional […]

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Dejero partners with IP Access International to provide uninterrupted connectivity to first responders

April 14, 2021

Via: Broadcast Beat

Dejero, an innovator in resilient connectivity for critical communications, has formed a new partnership with leading mobile and fixed satellite solutions provider, IP Access International, in order to provide a hybrid cellular/satellite ‘network of networks’ that first responders can rely […]

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Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX Version 12.1 Delivers Enhanced IP and Wireless Capabilities, Streamlines Use of 5 GHz Band for FreeSpeak Edge

April 9, 2021

Via: Broadcast Beat

Clear-Com’s® Eclipse® HX Digital Matrix Intercom’s latest software update, version 12.1, reinforces its position as the most flexible and dynamic IP-based intercom solution on the market, delivering enhanced capabilities for both IP and legacy wireless FreeSpeak™ systems, increasing the density […]

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Kagan: What T-Mobile shutting down TVision says about the future

April 5, 2021

Via: RCR Wireless News

T-Mobile is shutting down their TVision pay TV service. So, what does this mean for their future? They have been talking about entering and changing the pay TV space for years. They thought they would be successful in pay TV […]

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Scheduling in 5G, DSS, LTE: Maturity matters (a lot), says SRG

March 26, 2021

Via: RCR Wireless News

In what it calls an “unquestionable first,” Signals Research Group has tested the efficiency of LTE and 5G network schedulers of Ericsson and Nokia in the Verizon and T-Mobile US networks — and concluded that, well, 5G has a some […]