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Verizon Virtual Network Services Bundles Make Move to Virtualization Fast, Easy and Cost Effective

April 12, 2018

Enterprises know they need to embrace virtualization, but implementing software-defined networking (SDN) solutions can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Verizon is removing some of those barriers and streamlining the virtualization process with the launch of new Virtual Network Services (VNS) Solution Bundles. Verizon developed pre-packaged service chains working with leading technology providers like Checkpoint Software, Cisco, Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks. With these bundles all network compatibility testing and licensing have already been completed, providing peace of mind while saving both time and labor. Additionally, Verizon’s end-to-end orchestration and closed loop service assurance allows customers to essentially “point and click” to enable SDN solutions.

“We’ve removed the complexity and associated costs of manual deployment and management of global networks for our clients giving them competitive advantage,” said Vickie Lonker, vice president of product management and development for Verizon.

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