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Service Providers vs. Product Vendors: Battle for the Future of the Network

December 27, 2018

Via: No Jitter

Standards have had a profound impact on the evolution of networking. TCP/IP, BGP, HTTP, SMTP — all of these have enabled the creation of the Internet, content hyperlinking, and personal communication. In recent years, it seems standards have had a […]

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ITU works to bring the world’s other half online

September 25, 2018

Via: Telecom Ramblings

The UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development have moved to accelerate efforts to connect the roughly 50% of the world’s population that still do not have access to the internet. Participants at the commission’s annual third quarter meeting, including representatives […]

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Key internet connections and locations at risk from rising seas

September 7, 2018


Despite whimsical ads about computing “in the cloud,” the internet lives on the ground. Data centers are built on land, and most of the physical elements of the internet – such as the cables that connect households to internet services […]


Social Media Requiem for Net Neutrality

June 12, 2018

Via: Michael Boyd

Net neutrality has officially been repealed and internet service providers (ISPs) now have greater powers. Officials voice their concern as the new rules may lead to the creation of a two-speed Internet and special treatment for a certain type of […]

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Your internet use could change as ‘net neutrality’ ends

June 11, 2018


Your ability to watch and use your favorite apps and services could start to change—though not right away—following the official demise Monday of Obama-era internet protections. Any changes are likely to happen slowly, as companies assess how much consumers will […]

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Tech giants are battling it out to supply the global internet—here’s why that’s a problem

April 19, 2018


The US Federal Communications Commission last month granted Elon Musk’s SpaceX permission to launch 4,425 satellites that will provide affordable high speed broadband internet to consumers. The Starlink network will be accessible in the US and around the world – […]


Opinions about Net Neutrality Are Anything but Neutral

March 22, 2018

Via: James Hughes

After the FCC’s debatable decision in December that effectively eliminated Obama Administration directives aimed at protecting Internet neutrality, a series of legislative and political actions at the state and federal level took place. In March, Washington became the first state […]

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Enterprise IoT security considerations

March 6, 2018

Via: RCR Wireless News

Security concerns are regularly cited as the number one IoT deployment concern or barrier to adoption. “Security” covers a wide swath of considerations, both in terms of prevention and reaction. One of the first things that every expert acknowledges is that […]

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CDN analysis sheds light on internet evolution

February 27, 2018


CDNs have greatly improved our online experience. The CDN-H project has studied its implications for the internet’s structure and the relationship between stakeholders. Google has recently announced that page speed would now be a factor in mobile search ranking. This […]

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Reaching rural America with broadband internet service

January 17, 2018


All across the U.S., rural communities’ residents are being left out of modern society and the 21st century economy. I’ve traveled to Kansas, Maine, Texas and other states studying internet access and use – and I hear all the time […]