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Technology is improving – why is rural broadband access still a problem?

March 27, 2017


Technology continues to improve, enabling existing wiring to carry more and more data. The federal government has historically tried to provide infrastructure in rural areas. Its latest effort, known as the “Connect America Fund” (CAF), initially offered US$10 billion in […]


IoT makes trucking safer for drivers, before potentially replacing them

October 7, 2016

Via: RCR Wireless News

We have all stopped at a rest station during a road trip and parked in the small gaps between the 18-wheeled trucks filled with sleeping drivers. Those drivers are often tasked to drive cross country to deliver an order. Because […]

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AT&T’s Donovan: Fiber rollouts are targeted on a regional, bandwidth demand basis

January 7, 2016

Via: Fierce Telecom News

AT&T (NYSE: T) is finding that as the economics of building out fiber facilities to more cities and towns in its footprint improve, its rollout plans are increasingly becoming about how to  accommodate the demand for bandwidth over wireline and […]

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Ultrafast Broadband Gaining Traction at CES 2016

January 6, 2016

Via: Telecom Engine

Sckipio Technologies, the leader in, today announced it’s demonstrating over 750Mbps of ultrafast broadband upload speeds on existing twisted pair copper telephone wires — over 100 times faster than most consumers achieve today. This breakthrough performance will allow telcos […]