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#TBT: T-Mo draws even with Sprint in LTE coverage; Crown Castle focuses on small cells; Verizon buys AOL … this week in 2015

May 16, 2019


T-Mobile US has never been shy about calling out its competitors. In the latest attempt to gain ground on its bigger rival, T-Mobile US spent $200,000 on a campaign that changed Verizon Wireless’ Twitter hashtag #neversettle to #neversettleforVerizon. The ad attacks Verizon Wireless for trying to move away from unlimited data plans. The carrier giant has recently been campaigning to convince customers that unlimited data plans are bad for them. The T-Mobile US campaign also attacks Verizon Wireless for its two-year contracts, overages, slow LTE network, no Wi-Fi calling, waiting for upgrades, losing unused data and much, much more.

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