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Test and Measurement: Anritsu adds real-world 2×2 MIMO testing for 802.11ac

May 25, 2018

Anritsu has added 2×2 multiple-input multiple-output testing capabilities for 802.11ac to its MT8862A test equipment and says that with new software, it can test 2×2 MIMO on Wi-Fi equipment under “actual operating conditions,” along with output signal quality, transmit power and receiver sensitivity.

Two of the MT8862A test sets are required for the test set-up. Anritsu said that the test set is the first equipment available that measuring 802.11ac devices-under-test in their actual operating state, with built-in network mode measurement capabilities that examine radio frequency performance and waveform coverage range through over-the-air measurements.

“Removal of a physical connection establishes a more accurate representation of the DUT performance in a real-world environment, as the measurements take into consideration the effect of the internal wireless antennas,” Anritsu said.

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