image credit: Christoph Scholz / Flickr

Scheduling in 5G, DSS, LTE: Maturity matters (a lot), says SRG

In what it calls an “unquestionable first,” Signals Research Group has tested the efficiency of LTE and 5G network schedulers of Ericsson and Nokia in the Verizon and T-Mobile US networks — and concluded that, well, 5G has a some growing up to do when it comes to scheduling.

SRG used the IntelliJudge and WaveJudge test platforms from Sanjole, which was recently acquired by Keysight Technologies, to capture and analyze 5G NR and LTE scheduler performance on a sector-wide basis. Sanjole specializes in over-the-air network testing and according to the company, its WaveJudge 5G test solution is the first over-the-air 5G monitoring solution to give visibility into the interaction between protocol and physical layers in wireless transmissions.

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