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NGA publishes new report focusing on 6G radio technology

May 30, 2024

ATIS’ Next G Alliance (NGA) has published a new report focusing on 6G radio technology, elaborated by the NGA Technology Working Group.

NGA noted that future 6G basic radio technologies will be a critical defining characteristic of the next-generation cellular systems. This report focuses on the fundamental 6G designs at the air interface level, while it also provides a comprehensive overview of various key aspects shaping the future of wireless communication systems, NGA said.

“6G technology is expected to not only usher in the next wave of digital economic growth but also drive far-reaching societal shifts in sustainability, digital equity, trust, and quality of life,” said Next G Alliance Managing Director David Young. “This report sheds light on the critical issues shaping fundamental 6G basic radio technologies – key building blocks enabling 6G-powered innovation.”

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