image credit: Unsplash

Morrison & Co Buys FiberLight From Thermo

One of the fiber M&A events that has defied all prediction for more than a decade finally has happened. The regional network infrastructure company FiberLight will soon have new ownership. It’s not a strategic buyer though, but rather a consortium led by Morrison & Co that will acquire FiberLight as a platform for investment & growth.

Thermo Companies has owned the company since 2006 when it acquired Xspedius and carved out the company’s fiber construction business to form FiberLight. Thus they were early to the metro and regional fiber game, and backed FiberLight in the buildout of their footprints in northern Virginia, DC and Maryland, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Today that footprint stretches some 18,000 route miles connecting 30 metro areas and passing 78K near-net buildings.

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