image credit: Matt Kieffer / Flickr

Matrox VERO Now Supports PCAP Recording for ST 2110 Diagnosis

February 19, 2021

Matrox® Video today announces that the PCAP recorder feature is now available with the Matrox VERO ST 2110 signal generator and diagnostic appliance. Featuring high-bandwidth, packet-loss-free capture of up to two uncompressed UHD ST 2110-20 video with high-precision timestamping, VERO captures a perfect replica of network traffic in a PCAP file for proper post-analysis with the pre-installed European Broadcasting Union Live IP Software Toolkit (EBU LIST®). With PCAP recording integrated alongside a fully adjustable signal generator and signal diagnostics within an all-in-one appliance, broadcasters, system integrators, and manufacturers can confidently validate ST 2110 equipment for compliance before deployment.

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