image credit: Pexels

Matrox Introduces NRG—a Multi-Output Redundant Power Supply for 24/7 and Mission-Critical Applications

June 18, 2021

Matrox NRG ensures uninterrupted uptime of Matrox-based encoding, decoding, IP KVM extension, and display in any operating condition

Matrox® Video introduces Matrox NRG, a multi-output redundant power supply unit (RPSU) providing zero-compromise uptime protection of Matrox encoders, decoders, IP KVMs, and multi-monitor controllers. Featuring two hot-swappable power supply modules and IP connectivity for status monitoring and output control, Matrox NRG maintains high-performance encoding, streaming, recording, decoding, extension, switching, and display operations in 24/7 and mission-critical environments.

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