image credit: Unsplash

Kevin Teasley Speeds Up His Workflow With A Neve® 8424 Console

June 7, 2021

“No helicopter needed,” laughed Kevin Teasley when he was asked about the arrival of his new Neve® 8424 console. “It came from the UK by ship, then was brought by truck to my studio at United Recording Studios on the Sunset & Gower lot. It fit right through the front door so we just rolled it in. We set up the stand, unboxed it and there it was, all ready to be patched in. It couldn’t have been easier, the whole unboxing to setting up took about an hour.”

Since then, this prolific and internationally acclaimed composer, programmer, sound designer, music producer and musical director has been putting the console through its paces on a number of projects for very high profile clients.

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