image credit: Images / Uswitch

Kagan: 6G wireless data speeds of 10 Gbps spark interest

June 14, 2021

We are all talking about how 5G is changing everything, but 6G is coming on quickly and that is even more disruptive. With their third prototype, Optipulse says they have discovered a new light source which sends invisible and eye-safe photons wirelessly from one pole or one building to another at 10 Gbps. They do this with a miniature chip which sends wireless data faster than the current 5G Radio Frequency (RF) emitters.

Using this faster RF, they have tested error free at 25 Gbps. What this means is light is turned on and off at a rate of 25 billion times per second. They don’t use cables. Instead, they send data over a laser-type beam of invisible light.

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