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How DSPs can Improve Broadband Service Qualification Coverage by 41%

Digital Service Providers (DSPs) today are challenged with broadband service qualification as it is cumbersome and time-consuming. The ineffective service qualification process causes 30-40% of the new customers to experience unserviceability, and 20-30% of the existing subscribers face poor customer experience due to reduced service offerings. These further impacts the daily operations of DSPs in the form of reduced customer acquisition, customer churn, and loss of opportunities.

The poor quality of survey data affects customer qualification and experience which in turn creates a negative impact on DSPs’ service offerings. Irrespective of various technologies like copper, fiber, cable, and IPTV, the common issue could be a weak linkage between the network inventory and physical address inventory. Based on our engagements with different DSPs, the major factors contributing to ineffective service qualification are listed below.

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