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Generative AI Security and Compliance Concerns Growing

July 3, 2024

Via: No Jitter

AI, specifically generative AI, has captured much of the attention of the collaboration and communications world over the last two years or so. Almost every vendor in the market now has a generative AI solution of its own, and most are focusing the majority of their competitive differentiation strategy on their AI capabilities. This focus is driving customer adoption.

Among the 338 participants in Metrigy’s recently published Workplace Collaboration and Contact Center Security and Compliance: 2024-25 almost 39% have already deployed generative AI or plan to do so by the end of this year (2024). Another 35.3% are evaluating potential future deployment. Among those with the highest measured return on investment (ROI) for their collaboration spend, more than 54% are using or planning to use generative AI collaboration tools such as Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and Zoom AI Companion.

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