image credit: Unsplash

Francis Kenny, ASC Keeps Action High with Help of Bolt 4K Max

June 10, 2021

CBS mega hit S.W.A.T. has always been fast moving—on air and on set. Shot on multiple stages at Santa Clarita Studios and diverse locations throughout the Los Angeles area, the series averages 100 set-ups per day. Giving life to the adrenalin pumping story lines has always been a creative feat for accomplished cinematographer Francis Kenny, ASC (Justified, Heathers, Bruce Beresford’s Bonny & Clyde, New Jack City), and his crew.

But when it was time to work on the 2020-2021 season they faced an extra challenge— the pandemic was in full swing. This meant shortened 10-hour days, smaller crews and safety protocols. “We were the first test show to start up again. Production would have been set back another six months if S.W.A.T. had failed,” explains Kenny.

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