image credit: Pexels

Emirates Teleport Operator Expands Using ViaLite Links after 15 Years of Trouble-Free Operation

May 19, 2022

ViaLiteHD L-Band links are being used by a leading Emirates-based teleport operator to assist in the expansion of its live TV broadcast services. The operator has good reason to be confident in the reliability of ViaLite Communications’ RF over fiber systems as it has been using the company’s legacy Classic products for over 15 years without encountering any issues.

Chosen for their reliability and performance, ViaLite systems are robust and eminently suitable for the environment experienced in the UAE, according to ViaLite distributor for the region, Symbolise.

“Supporting live traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is just the type of environment you can rely on with our equipment,” added ViaLite Business Development Manager, Amair Khan.

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