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Connected Workspaces Getting Smarter and Smarter

July 5, 2024

Via: No Jitter

It’s not enough for a workspace platform to foster the ability to work collaboratively; it must also offer its users the ability to manage that work within the platform. Vendors are shaping their product strategies around enabling individuals and teams to work, communicate about their work and manage that work all from within one self-contained workspace.

Metrigy calls this product category “connected workspace,” and we focus on three core use cases:

  • centralized knowledge – providing support for a wiki or knowledge base that serves as an easily searchable single source of truth
  • content collaboration and management – supporting content co-creation and iterative work in collaborative mode
  • project/task management – enabling the ability to plan resources for and manage tasks and projects, end to end, while offering the means of communicating about status, etc.

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