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NRECA claims pole attachment rates not a barrier to rural broadband deployment

June 19, 2019

Via: Wireless Estimator

Broadband deployment in rural America is not impeded by pole attachment rates, according to a report released by Brian O’Hara, regulatory director, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), in a white paper, “Pole Attachment Policies and Issues.” O’Hara’s research indicates […]

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USTelecom wants cable’s business services dominance considered in new special access rules

January 27, 2016

Via: Fierce Telecom News

As the FCC begins to cull through the mountains of data on special access services, USTelecom, the industry forum focused on incumbent telcos, says the regulator should consider how cable has become a dominant force in the business segment. The […]


The differences between the new online cable bundles

January 14, 2016


Traditional cable providers are launching TV packages that don’t require cable boxes—good for you because you save on monthly equipment fees and don’t need a technician to come install it for you. But there are also drawbacks. Some services are […]